= Scam Review Site = Scam Review Site

The goal of is to trash every single product and broker out there making up lies and false accusations, and then promote a select few products. These products are ones they are heavily affiliated with, own themselves, or are paid under the table to promote. Don’t believe me? Look at this from their advertise page:


You can pay for them to write a positive review on a product, or even provide the review yourself for them to post. So how can we trust what they actually promote if there is a good chance they were paid to say good things about it.

Another thing to be careful about is in the actual reviews. If you read them, a lot of statements and accusations they make either make no sense, or are completely in-accurate full of false information. It’s like they outsource all their content to cheap Indian writers and just tell them to write bad things about all these products.

Want more proof Valforex is a scam? Try posting something even remotely positive on any of their negative reviews for any product and see if it gets approved. Trust me, it won’t. Even if you try to correct them in any of their posts that contains incorrect information, the comment will go unapproved.

All Valforex cares about is calling every product they can a scam, getting people to come to their site reading the negative review on ‘xyz’ product, then hoping these viewers be like ok this site seems trustworthy, let’s see what they recommend then. Next thing you know you’re buying one of their paid to promote products that is probably even worse than what you were originally looking at and they make money off you.